Abstract Submission Deadline: 01 September 2013

Abstracts of verbal and poster-shaped papers should be sent via Online Paper Collection Application which can be found on Congress web site. We kindly request you to fill in the necessary information in the Application definitively and to send file on abstract of paper, which needed to be attached to the Application, in accordance with the following format:

- The Abstracts should be written both in English.
- The presentation title should be written in uppercase, in size 12 bold font.
- The names and surnames of the authors should be fully spelled out and the name of person that will present the presentation should be underlined. No professional titles should be specified. Numbered footnotes should be added to the names to provide the addresses of the authors in the respective footnotes.The surnames of the authors should be written in uppercase.
- The presentation Abstracts should be written in Word 2003 or higher version using size 12 Times New Roman font with 1 line spacing and containing no more than 300 words.
- If there is a requirement to insert images or figures, its place inside the text should be specified and the file should be sent as a separate black & white JPG file.
- Presentations will be submitted online via our congress website.
- Projectors are available for use during oral presentations. The presenters are required to show the material they plan to present to the technician one day before the presentation.
- One participant may not present more than one presentation.

- Posters will be 70x100 cm in size. Posters that are not 70x100 in size will not be hanged in the allocated area.
- Posters should be readable from a distance of 1 meter.
- The title names of the authors and the institutions at which the authors work should be specified. The name of the defending author should be underlined.
- The location to be used to exhibit the posters will be announced during the congress.
Important Days
01 August 2013        : Last day for early registration
01 September 2013         : Abstract Submission Deadline
09-13 October 2012 : Date of congress